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GLOBE at University of Cologne

The University of Cologne, as one of the leading German research universities, is also a leading institution in pre-service teacher education. The strong research standing combined with the large student population enrolled in pre-service teacher education programs and sciences, make the University of Cologne a prime partner for the GLOBE program.

For many years, the GLOBE program has established close connections between environmental, societal and scientific research with a sound methodological approach and a concrete relevance for education in schools, but also in the context of citizen science. This well-established international network makes this program a point of reference for fostering internationalization in teacher education, strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation (STEM disciplines, languages, arts) and for school implementation.

In the frame of lectures, seminars and continuing education for teachers and citizens, students learn about the method of science in the context of environmental research. In our outdoor lab at the "Pulheimer Bach", teacher trainings and practical exercises for environmental data measurement and analysis are used to gain hands-on experience in the scientific approach and to learn about implemention techniques into school practice.

International experts from many different countries (Europe, North America, India) provide insight into STEM education approaches abroad.

Learn about our concepts, elements, materials and approaches to support internationalization, interdisciplinary cooperation and science education approaches with the GLOBE program.